Thursday, December 03, 2015

A disturbing lack of patience

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I should probably avoid Facebook. At least on days like today. It can angry up the blood.

That may be true all the time, but I admit to getting lots of inspiration from things I find posted there. Horrible things, beautiful things, and everything in between. Yes, most is mindless, but there are well-thought out jewels if you look.

I would like to believe that I post a few of those jewels.

I do post things on occasion to see where they might lead. To use them as test balloons; to see how they are reacted to; to see if I get any deeper insights.

But, when I am feeling down and stressed, as has been the case recently, and anti-liberty bigots are posting their demands for "common sense gun regulation"... well, I should probably just stay away.

But I'm not that smart.

Here are a few of the things I posted today:

My patience for those who support or advocate "laws" that get innocent people killed is at historic low levels.
Rightful Liberty is the best solution. Your anti-liberty "laws" only cause more grief and death. Much more than would otherwise happen. So, yeah, you are siding with the murderers. Against me. Against people I care about. You are threatening us. Over and over again. And being smug about it.
If you really want to come kill me, which is what advocating "laws" always comes down to, come in person. Stop trying to hide behind lies. Don't be a pathetic coward and send government employees to kill me on your behalf. Come in person. Because as far as your anti-liberty "laws" are concerned, I will not comply. Period.
Your move.

Uncivilized barbarians.
Some use guns.
Some use swords.
Some use clubs, hands, or knives.
But most use governments and "laws".

You can pull out charts and statistics and whatever other pro-rapist propaganda you can find that "prove" how "beneficial" rape is... and it doesn't change the evil of the act.
Same for anti-gun "laws".
If you support them, you are advocating pure evil. Period.

I'm just really tired of mass-murder cheerleaders calling for more of what empowers mass-murderers. And pretending that their position is "reasonable". Enabling mass murder through "gun control" (population disarmament) is NOT reasonable. It is barbaric. The death toll which results makes the death toll from freelance thugs pale in comparison- over 200 million in the 20th Century alone. Real civilized, anti-liberty bigots. Real civilized.
You think this makes me angry? You bet it does. I am opposed to mass murderers and those who coddle them.

It's not easy enough for people who are determined to defend themselves and others to get- and carry- the proper weapons.

"Gun control" is a lie.
Supporting it is empowering murder.

As you might imagine, the anti-liberty bigots pulled out all their guns- pun intended. I answered them for a bit, but then realized I was likely to get angrily personal. So I made the choice to walk away. Others stepped up, although I stopped reading any of the back and forth. Neither side will budge, and I know it. Some people are too brainwashed to accept that more "laws" isn't the answer to any question other than "How can you destroy a society and kill lots of people?" And I'm not going to quietly accept added tyranny. So, there we stand.


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