Monday, December 28, 2015

Don't be backward

"Cultural elites", like politicians and celebrities, have interesting ideas of what makes someone "backward". If you value property rights, self defense, and other things vital for survival, they will look down on you and think of you as backward. They will call you names.

The "loyal opposition" to those "cultural elites" also always find things to fault about those who don't want their "help". Self ownership, thinking for yourself (thinking at all, probably)- and again- actual property rights, and self defense apart from their beloved "law" imposition goons are frowned upon.

But, to me, there is a clear backwardness to the brutal anti-survival, anti-civilized agenda of both sides*.

The things that are truly backward are things like prohibition, anti-gun/anti-self defense "laws", "taxes", property codes/zoning, anti-sex "laws", and permits. These hearken back to the old superstitious belief in "authority". Antiquated throwbacks which have no place in any decent civilization.

If a person wants to progress, to not be a Neanderthal (although this is probably insulting to the memory of Neanderthals) there is one path: Embrace and advocate Rightful Liberty. That's it. Anything less is obsolete.

*This is misleading, because they are not different "sides", but one and the same: the anti-liberty bigot statists.


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