Thursday, December 03, 2015

Shooting in the news

To save effort each time a "newsworthy" shooting happens in one of those places where these things always happen, I offer this adaptable template. Simply choose the word/phrase inside the brackets that best fits:

Another [multiple/mass] shooting has occurred.

As always, in a place where [politicians/administrators/control freaks/foolish business owners/anti-liberty bigots] have [forbidden/rationed/complicated possession of] guns. People bent on murder don't obey laws forbidding murder, and they will never obey [anti-gun laws/anti-gun policies/"no gun zones"] either.

Once again, it's not a case of [too many/the wrong kind of/easy access to] guns being the problem, but of making it too hard for decent people to be effectively armed so that they'll be sitting ducks for the bad guys. A case of too few guns in the right hands. When seconds count, police are (at least) minutes away- even ignoring the fact that they may shoot the innocent once they do show up.

That people expect police to come to the rescue when this happens just shows that even the nastiest anti-liberty bigot knows that the way to stop events of this sort is to send in people with guns.

These shootings will continue to happen as long as Rightful Liberty is violated and treated as part of the problem instead of as the clear solution.


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