Thursday, January 28, 2016

Deserving of death?

If you don't believe someone deserves to die for what they are doing, how wrong can you really believe their acts to be?

I ask this of myself as much as I ask it of you.

I don't believe a teenager cutting across my yard deserves to be killed for trespassing.
I don't believe someone deserves to be killed for v*ting.
I don't believe people who believe government to be necessary deserves to die for that wrongheaded belief.

But I do believe they are wrong in every case I mentioned above.

And, I do believe many wrongdoers can rightly be killed by their victims (or intended victims).

Maybe the reason has something to do with "proportionality", although I'm not a firm believer in that concept either. Or, at least the weight I give some wrongs doesn't seem to align well with the weight others give them.

And, yet... statists. Every single little "offense" against their religion is ultimately punishable by death. But they believe they are the "reasonable ones".


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  1. If I hire someone to steal your money via coercion and threat of death or imprisonment, am I violating you?

    If you say no, then you are saying that it is ethical to violate through a third party. If you say yes, then you recognize the right to defense applies to my act of violence against you.

    You may argue that it is unintentional, that people are born and raised into a system of violence not realizing it, thus not responsible. But does it negate the threat by being unintended, out of ignorance? No.

    The best thing to do is relive statists of their ignorance, wish for their ethics to take hold so that they no longer support such evil. The issue is that everyone already knows what they want to force everyone to do and they don't care what you have to say, because you are just some crazy fool who knows nothing about anything they didn't think of.

    The threat remains because they continue to vote.

    They build a prison of our planet. They refuse to correct it. Kill them all, let their gods sort them.