Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stand up for what's right

I am libertarian. That means I advocate human liberty.

I am a Voluntaryist; I believe all human interactions should be voluntary.

I am an abolitionist- I oppose slavery in all its forms.

I am an anarchist because I don't believe in anyone governing others for any reason.

If you pay attention you might notice that these are all ways of saying the same thing.

This isn't "conservative", "liberal", "right", "left", or any other of the pigeonholes people will try to stuff you into. It's much more important than that. It is the difference between right and wrong.

Liberty is the freedom to do what you have a right to do. You have the right to do absolutely anything which doesn't violate the equal and identical rights of anyone else. Laws can't change what you have a right to do.

Laws and governments impose people on you who you wouldn't seek out voluntarily. They violate your right of association by forcing you to deal with people who add nothing of value to your life, but who instead devalue your life.

If you come to me on an equal footing, without seeking to violate my life, liberty, or property, then you are not approaching me as government. If you come at me and intend to violate me in some way, you may call yourself government or you may be called a criminal, but your actions are the same. You can either respect liberty and voluntary interactions, reject governing others and oppose slavery, or you can be the problem.

You can't be government or support "laws" without being a bad guy. A bully. Yes, it's still the popular way; the common way; the vulgar way. And it is wrong.

But you can choose. Make the right choice, not the popular one. Don't choose to be the bad guy.

Be libertarian, Voluntaryist, abolitionist, and an anarchist. Stand up for what's right.


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