Monday, January 04, 2016

The video blogs

I'd like to know what you think of the videos. Right now I'm just kind of playing around with them- getting a feel for it all.

Should I continue vlogging, or is it something I should have stayed away from altogether?

I know they are short- that is kind of the point. So many make these long video screeds- which can be very good- but I wonder how many people stay with them to the end. Especially people who might not already be on the side of liberty.

Like most of my blog posts, I intend to have stuff short enough that the point is made before the unsuspecting statist realizes what is going on and turns it off.

I realize my subject- and myself- are not for everyone.

Also, do you think it is better to have the transcript with the video, or just the video?

It is my intention- if nothing changes- to do a video or two every week. At least for a while.

If everyone hates them, that would be something changing to alter my plan.



  1. Kent, I prefer a transcript or your writing but if you have both, where is the harm as we can choose.

  2. I like the videos and I'm sure as time goes on they'll get better and better. I also think you should keep the transcripts because more often than not I'm using a device that can not play videos.