Tuesday, February 02, 2016


If drug abuse turns you into a bad person, you most likely weren't a good person to begin with.

The same is true about most things people will claim corrupted them.



  1. deviations from nominal internal chemistry changes behavior. see it all the time in ER. a person only has free will within a narrow 'nominal range' of conditions. outside that range, specific chemistry produces specific symptoms (called diagnostic clues).

    some drugs create aggression. some paranoia. some hyperactivity. some just make folks laid back. some return folks to that nominal range, that provides for free will and a happy metabolism.

    speed presents one way.
    coke another.
    heroin, alchohol, stoners each quite different.

    chemistry alters brain function.
    data, is.

  2. Marijuana is my medication to keep me from being a complete asshole for my frustration with the selfish evil idiotic world of humans.

    Sometimes I am an asshole anyway.