Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dangerous times for truth and honesty

They say it is dangerous to be right when government is wrong.

It is also dangerous to even question whether government might be wrong, when even other liberty lovers are anxious to throw you to the wolves.

It is dangerous to point out that people are using words incorrectly, ignorantly accusing a person of something by buying into the statist definition which is demonstrably incorrect. But it won't matter because "Emotion!".

It is so dangerous to even mention this that I can't go into further details without being accused of being guilty of the same thing- because I'm seeing it happen to others right now.

I know this is frustratingly cryptic, and I apologize. But as I say, I don't feel like facing the wrath of statists AND liberty-lovers who have bought the State's lies. I just feel really bad for those who spoke up and are suffering because of it.



  1. This post reminds me of what I've been thinking about self-described "libertarians" who vote. They let their principles be supplanted by emotional hysteria.

  2. Oh, you must be talking about Lew Rockwell and associates endorsing Trump.

    Well, I am not afraid to speak up. It is what it is. They are not really Libertarians. They are statists who call themselves libertarians.

    1. You might want to read a little more carefully. They don't "endorse" Trump, they are enjoying the misery experienced by the neocons and establishment Republicans. You'd be hard pressed to find any regular writer there that votes.

    2. More likely, Kent is referring to "the Free Talk Live" situation.

      The house/studio from which the show is broadcast was raided by the FBI on Sunday, on the claim that a child porn site had been accessed by a computer from their IP address.

      Some "libertarians" are saying "they should have expected it," or even "they deserved it" because one of the show's hosts recently expressed an opinion they don't agree with (or are afraid to admit they agree with) on age of consent laws.

    3. Thanks. That is unfortunate.

      It is probably an operation to discredit libertarians. Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if someone was looking at underage porn.

      Age of consent laws are BS. There are just as many slutty Lolitas as there are naive victims. And laws cannot keep up anyway.

      The age of consent in many European countries is as low as 14. And there are people justifying sex with a 14 year old because the law says it's okay, ...and not according to a higher ethical standard considering maturity level and whatever other variables.