Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bad guys like to feel good about their actions

I just don't get the hypocrisy of some people. On an old blog under new management I recently read the following:
"I served 14 years active duty in the Army and did a few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. ... I did some cool stuff and have no regrets. I am not aware of any babies I may have killed or people of color I oppressed."

Denialism at its "best".

So violently invading someone else's home is "cool stuff" and he doesn't regret it. Nice.

He may not have personally killed any babies, but by being there and supporting and protecting his fellow invaders he helped kill them- or did nothing to prevent them from being killed by his "brothers".

And, while "color" is irrelevant, by being an invader-- financed by theft, advancing the agenda of the world's largest, most powerful State (and all States are psychopathically evil)-- who was supporting those who are oppressing and murdering babies, mothers, innocent men, and bad guys, he is still just as guilty. He may choose to not be aware of it, though, so that may still be an honest statement- but one opposed to reality.

This is not someone who has been on the side of Liberty. He may have since had a change of heart, but judging by the above quote, I seriously doubt it. He probably still believes himself to have been a good guy, "fighting for freedom".

Now, to be fair, I don't know if this guy identifies himself as an advocate of liberty. He may not. He may be happy to be a promoter of massive statism- just like his actions seem to indicate. If that's the case, it's good we have been warned.

Actually, judging by his follow up post, he is a proud enemy of liberty who sees himself as some sort of Freedom Hero for fighting for the Empire.

He was a willing hitman for the enemy. If you claim to hate the bully, but you worship his hit men, you are part of the problem.



  1. As a filthy USMC reservist, it only took one VERY short deployment for me to understand that maybe I wasn't supporting, protecting, and defending Americans and the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

    With lifers like the fellow you mention, it's pretty difficult to admit to oneself that maybe all the time, treasure, and blood invested was wrong and a waste.

    But hey...there's that retirement to think about...

    1. Someone asked me just yesterday if I hate people in the military. That's a difficult question to answer. But, no, I really don't. I can't.

      I hate what they are doing.

      I hate that they have been brainwashed to believe they are in any way "fighting for freedom" or "protecting my rights".

      I hate their often unwavering support of the military.

      I hate that even after they get out, so many still support "their brothers" who are still committing the acts. I don't "support the troops", but mainly I feel sorry for them. And that makes some people really angry.

      I hate the government's military, while being part of the militia. Because, these days, the only real threat to my life, liberty, and property comes from the government in its various forms. No one else has ever even threatened me in any credible way. The government sees the militia as its enemy, so by default they have become mine. And those who work for the enemy, as the enemy's hired guns, are going to be the ones killing militia.

      If someone can wise up after they get out of the military, reject all it stands for, devote the rest of their life to making up for their past, and use what they learned while in the military to actually begin to work for liberty, I welcome them with open arms. But those who keep the scales on their eyes are not on my side.