Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Arbitrary rules

Arbitrary rules are OK for games, but destructive for life.

I mean, really, there is no rational reason to "Pass Go- collect $200". It makes the game work in a consistent way, but the rule, at its foundation, is arbitrary. And no one will force you to play if you don't like the rules.

"Speed limit- 60 MPH" is also an arbitrary rule. A rule you might be murdered for ignoring. Traveling at 59 MPH is in no way more ethical than traveling at 61 MPH. It isn't wrong to simply "speed". The rule is arbitrary in every way. However, you really have no ability to opt out, since the bullies who claim the roads are going to steal from you to pay for the roads and to hire their highwaymen to patrol and rob travelers whether you consent or not.

Saying alcohol is "legal" (sort of, under certain circumstances) and Cannabis is "illegal" is completely arbitrary. You can also be murdered for breaking that counterfeit rule.

I don't mind arbitrary rules that I can opt out of. But I despise ridiculous arbitrary rules it's possible to be murdered over. And, of course, all "laws" are enforced by death. The State's arbitrary rules are evil. Enforcing them is always wrong.

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