Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Laws sign of corrupt government

(My Clovis News Journal column for May 13, 2016)

People complain about government corruption, at least when they notice it interfering with their own life. They realize it's a problem, and usually believe something should be done about it. They are adept at pointing out this poisonous fruit without observing the diseased tree on which it grows.

With their continued support of that which creates the problem, they remind me of a morbidly obese person complaining about his weight and its effects on his health while continuing to overeat.

Sometime around the year 100 AD, Roman politician and historian Tacitus said "The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates".

Government dreams up laws. It's pretty much its defining trait. Laws are a sure sign of corruption, but people refuse to see the connection. Corruption is as natural to government as hairballs are to my cat.

Yet, people still judge legislators by how many of these nuggets of corruption they squeeze out while in office. People have gotten this suicidal notion into their heads that unless laws are being dreamed up and enacted, government isn't doing anything. That's as absurd as encouraging the exterminator to release termites and rats into your home.

Of the two ways to get rid of government corruption, the most obvious is to eliminate the State. If you prefer to "control" the cancer rather than removing it from your body, you must at the very least reverse the runaway train of legislation.

Every halfway legitimate law was imposed centuries ago- although some weren't applied to everyone equally. Since then only harmful laws have come along; laws which violate life, liberty, and property.

It's long past time to turn this around and applaud only those legislators who "accomplish something" by abolishing laws. Any new law imposed, no matter how necessary you believe it to be, must count against them. Many people have a superstitious belief that just because a law was dreamed up and approved by a person holding a political position it must be obeyed until it is abolished. The absurdity of that belief should be obvious.

Of course, the simplest way to deal with all these harmful counterfeit "laws" is to simply ignore them. There's no need to go through the ritual of abolishing them. Illegitimate "laws" are nothing, and nothing doesn't need to be cleaned up.

So, stop permitting more laws to be enacted against the life, liberty, and property of yourself and those around you. Stop supporting corruption.

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