Monday, May 09, 2016

Magical acts of statism: destroying guns

Very few statist acts are as stupid and full of delusional magical-thinking as the act of destroying guns. Either individually, or on an industrial scale. Well, perhaps the statist act of destroying ivory and rhino horns is equally stupid and delusional.

But, really. You have tools that you fear. Instead of fearing (or defending yourself from) the few bad guys who use the tools, you allow a huge gang of the worst of the worst to steal the tools, and then destroy them to "keep them out of the wrong hands".

If you are destroying guns for the State, you are the wrongest of hands.

Do you somehow believe that destroying valuable tools will change the hearts and minds of those who would violate others? You say you hate gun manufacturers, but you help keep the price of their products artificially high.

You believe that destroying historical objects is a good thing to do, just because you are too cowardly to take responsibility for yourself?

Do you believe a gun used in a crime has somehow been possessed by an evil spirit and needs to be melted down to ... what?.. burn the demon, or release it back into the wild? How dumb are you, really?

Yes, destroying guns is stupid. It is magical thinking. And yet, many of those responsible know how stupid those who cheer their destruction are, because they know what I just pointed out. They simply count of you being too stupid to see it.

Don't be their tool.


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