Monday, May 23, 2016

Restroom dramatists

This is how I see the "issue".

Yes, your opinion may differ. That's your business. Make a video laying out your position and link to it in the comments if you feel strongly about it.

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  1. The only reason any "drama" exists at all is because property rights are not defined and respected.
    The owner of the restroom defines what the rules are and any visitors are obligated to OBEY those rules are not use the restroom. Problem solved.
    THAT is the truth that needs to be constantly mentioned, NOT one's personal beliefs about bathroom etiquette.

    1. I've talked about that until I'm blue in the face. Admittedly, that was probably all on Facebook. But everyone just comes back with how they "feel" about "men" in "little girls'" restrooms. So here's my "feels".