Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Radicalized aggression and cops

Radicalization. Specifically radicalized Islam. That's what a lot of people fear these days.

Radicals can be found in any group, and it's not even necessarily a bad thing to be a radical. It depends what you are radical about.

If you are radical about the Zero Aggression Principle you will be no danger to anyone who isn't a bad guy- and bad guys need to have the cost of doing what they do raised to the point they take a different path.

But, if you are all about aggression and property violations, then being radicalized is never going to be a good thing.

This brings me to cops.

Cops are radicalized "law enforcement".

Cops were never the good guys, and I could never support them, but they got much worse after they became radicalized.

Perhaps "radicalized" isn't the best term for when bullies go full-potato.

Since the problem isn't the radicalization, but that which is being radicalized, maybe the most accurate term would be "aggressionized". Because they have become radical about committing aggression and property violation. Just like the aggressionized Muslims who you'll probably never encounter in real life, but whom you are told to fear.

Aggressionized law enforcement is a much bigger danger to your real life than any other aggressionized group could even hope to be, because they are infesting the countryside at horrific levels. It needs to be stopped.

Cops have been aggressionized, and it is getting worse by the day.

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  1. Thank you.

    What gets me is how people will see a policeman and a radical jihadist do the same things and call one a hero while fearing the other.

    The one in their neighborhood pulling people from cars and beating them is seen as a hero. The one whom (as you mentioned) they will likely never see in real life is the demon they have to destroy.

    1. The truth of the matter is that the demon is inside each of us. Those who choose to live without aggression have confronted and defeated the demon. We will make a better world for all. Wait and see.