Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Blaming everything but the real problem

When I read "the news" I shake my head in disbelief and sadness at the utter stupidity documented therein. People blame everything under the sun, except that which causes the problems they screech about.

It's because they are dedicated to staying with what they believe they understand even though it is THE source of all they decry.

Until people see, admit, and accept the foundational problem, I don't expect anything they do to "solve" it to work.

There are a few things that can go a long ways toward fixing things: The Zero Aggression Principle (including the Covenant of Unanimous Consent), and shedding the superstitious belief in "authority", which should help you recover from the worship of bullies and gangsters that results from it, and their absurd opinions they'll gladly kill you over.

So, yeah, until people see, accept, and admit how they and their beliefs are causing the problems they whine about, not much will change. But they sure do look stupid yapping on and on about it all.

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