Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fred Reed goes all copsucker on us

Fred's off his rocker this time.

"Do you know any cops? Have you ever known any? I mean known them well enough to have a beer with after work, or to invite to a get-together at your house. Have you ever really talked to a cop?"
Yep. It was a big part of my education and wake-up call where cops are concerned.

"Has it ever occurred to you that there might be another side of the story?"
Yep. Rapists have a side to their story too. I don't have to become a rapist to know rape is wrong.

"Now, why don’t you know any cops? For at least two reasons. As a Pathologically Virtuous White (PVW), you are almost certainly a college graduate."
As I say, I have known cops (and ex-cops who loathe cops more than I do). And, no, I am not a college graduate.

"Further, cops are masculine,..."
LOL. O... kay...

"They are conservative and like guns."
They are statists who love Big Government, and only like guns in their hands. Cops are NOT the individual gun owner's friend. Who do you think enforces the anti-gun "laws"? It's not Obama or Chuckie Schumer.

"So you know nothing about them, their jobs, or the conditions in which they work. Especially the latter."
Again, do I have to walk a mile in a rapist's shoes to condemn rape?

"On the street, cops have to be hard-nosed or they lose their authority."
"Authority" is a superstition. The most dangerous one.

"Citizens are a pain in the ass when interacting with cops. They will lie, argue, bluster, threaten, and weasel."
Cops lie. It is an accepted part of their "job"- even under oath in government courtrooms. "Citizens" should be truthful to pathological liars?

"Now, let us go off the deep end and imagine that you,were required to don a cop’s uniform and spend three months walking a foot beat with a real cop in, say, Newark or Chicago or Detroit, downtown. How would this affect your mind?"
Yes, it would damage my mind to commit acts of enforcement. Might I begin to believe I have to right to impose arbitrary demands on people? Sure. That's why I wouldn't lower myself to become a cop. Or a rapist. Just because you can see things from the bad guy's perspective doesn't mean you are innocent when committing the acts that define a bad guy.

"People would not look friendly, especially the young men."
How should people look when confronted with a predator? A predator with a license to kill, who will demand compliance and molest you for doing things you have every right to do, and will then get a paid vacation and be found "innocent of any wrongdoing" no matter how much evidence is against him?

"You will realize that the police are not heavily armed thugs intimidating a helpless and cowering black public."
Right, they are heavily armed thugs intimidating a helpless and cowering... everyone who isn't them.

"Cops are vulnerable. Anybody passing you on the street could stick an ice pick into you, or blow your head off from behind."
So quit. Find an honest job that doesn't make you the enemy of the public.

"Hanging out at the Fraternal Order of Police, you would find that most cops are likable. This discovery would probably disturb you."
Not at all. Most cops are nice, but none are good. If they weren't nice- especially to their own gang, they wouldn't survive. It's common sense.

"You will see things that will change you."
Undoubtedly. But to molest people because you have psychological scars isn't excusable.

"But you would know what you were talking about–and you would find it a novel experience."
Because until you become a rapist, you have no right to criticize rape.

Sorry Fred, but this time you went full potato. I hope it passes.

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  1. "Anybody passing you on the street could stick an ice pick into you, or blow your head off from behind."

    Yea, that can happen to ANYONE, not just cops. Welcome to real life, hoss!

    1. Yep. And you increase the chance of that happening by being a bully, wearing gang colors identifiable as such, and pushing people around for money.

    2. Update: I just realized this was a response to Fred Reed’s latest. His copsucking is probably due to the fact he worked on a police beat in the District of Criminals in his younger days. I imagine cops didn’t look too bad compared to the resident politi-gangsters.

      Even knowing that, what a steaming pile of garbage from one of my favorite and most skilled writers in the world. This article reads like some statist Facebook post- which is just what I originally thought it was.

    3. Someone had told me I needed to add "Reed" to the title, but I decided it wasn't really important who the Fred was; anyone saying those things would be just as wrong. But, maybe I'll do it anyway.