Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Statism is an empty shell

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Recently one of my blog posts was copied in its entirety and posted as a comment on a news story about a cop who was whining about being disrespected in a business. The commenter did supply a link to my original post- and even if he hadn't, that's not one of those things I get too worked up over. The ideas are what matter; not me or where the ideas come from.

But, what was most interesting to me was the hatred the commenter received in reply.

Subsequent comments went through the Statist Parrot Playbook: "If you don't like cops, move to Somalia", "You hate cops, but just wait until you need one to come save you", and all the usual statist gibberish. Including those who didn't do anything but spew hatred and insults.

But... not one commenter had anything of substance to add. Not one. No arguments explaining why the post was wrong. Nothing based in reason or ethics. Zero. Nothing but silly statist talking points and insults.

Because statism has nothing of substance underneath it.

Statism is nothing but empty cowardice. I suspect that even the parts of statism which look like hatred or other negative drives are just cowardice manifesting as something more toxic. Statism is illogical, unethical, immoral (judged by morality which is ethical), and cowardly.

Cowards are dangerous. And they resent those who aren't cowards- if they can even wrap their minds around the lack of cowardice. Which looks unlikely when I read comments by statists.

In a way, the lack of substance coming from triggered statists is reassuring. Even though they are still dangerous, they have already lost the war. They just may not know it yet.

Keep your head up and your eyes open. We've got this.

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  1. Statists are programmed, not educated. When your reason destroys their programming, their secondary programmed response is name calling and insults. Because there is no reason or logic that can be applied to defend their ideology.

    Statists are generally too lazy to get educated, which takes effort. It’s much easier to just absorb and repeat carefully composed sound bites, slogans and cliches.