Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today’s counterfeit laws not ethical

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 15, 2016 I was really, seriously unhappy with the headline assigned to this one, and got in trouble with the editor for saying so on Facebook. But I am still unhappy with it.)

"You are the government" is one of the most useful lies ever crafted by the bullies who mean to enslave you.

If you are to blame, you can't blame anyone else. If a "law" makes gun ownership or drug use or driving without a seat belt "illegal", you can't really blame the people who wrote the "law", nor their hired guns who violently enforce it. It's your own fault.

But, truth gets in the way.

If I were government, I could fire all legislators, police, and bureaucrats, because they'd work for me. I could abolish all the harmful laws they have created. I can't, because I am not the government.

If I were the government, no one would be violating you in the name of the law. Former enforcers would be paying restitution to everyone they've harmed through committing acts of enforcement.

If you vote, how often do you find yourself on the winning side? Even when your guy wins, do the politicians in power do what you want them to do? Not the "majority", but you, individually? Probably not very often.

It would be bad enough if their new laws were real laws, but none of them are. Haven't been for centuries. All recent laws are counterfeit "laws".

A counterfeit "law" looks like a real law. It is described in more or less precise language, by lawyers. It is recorded in a government office. Judges act as though it is binding. Officers will kill to enforce even the most minor and arbitrary of these "laws"- if you fail to instantly obey their every demand to the letter, or if you accidentally scare or confuse them while complying.

A counterfeit "law" has no ethical basis. It attempts to forbid or control something other than the use of violence against the non-violent, or the violation of individual property rights. Often, counterfeit "law" acts as though a collective-- society or the state-- can have rights which can be violated.

I don't want any counterfeit "laws" enforced on my behalf. Not one.

So pretending that I am in any way the government, doing what I know to be wrong by violating your individual rights, is a lie. Even if I were on the winning side in an election, it isn't going to change what government is or what it is doing.

You can't magically change wrong into right (or vice versa) by voting on it, nor by making up a law. And if I were the government, I wouldn't even try.

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  1. "everything hitler did, was legal."
    - martin luther king