Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Two party system"

Of course, I think v*ting amounts to continuing to play a rigged game with known cheaters, and expecting to sometimes win. And, even if you do win, all you get by winning is the chance to force your will on the losers for a time. Not ethical behavior.

But, that's not the only v*te-related craziness I see.

One related trap many v*ters fall into is believing the "two party system" is official, as if enshrined in the Constitution (which is a whole 'nother can of Ebola, but I'll leave the poor old CONstitution alone for now).

The "two party system", if you believe it is anything other than one State party with two play-acting, "opposition" sides for the sake of appearances, is nothing more than a temporary circumstance which happens to be in fashion. It has no more permanence than a gritty whirlwind.

Not only are the current "mainstream parties" just a fleeting accident of history, there is nothing special about having only two "mainstream" parties.

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