Tuesday, September 06, 2016

All politics, laws lead to slavery

(My Clovis News Journal column for August 5, 2016)

Political slavery hidden in plain sight (my chosen headline)

All politics comes down to slavery; mainstream politics being pro-slavery, regardless of any denials.

The "Right" and the "Left" may quibble over details, and whether you are owned by "society" or "the State" (usually conflating the two), but they never question that you are owned.

Under politics, you-- life, body, labor, and property-- can be used against your will, and most believe you should accept your lot.

You can be prevented from ingesting what you choose. This drives prohibition-- The War on Politically Incorrect Drugs and anti-alcohol laws-- as well as laws against large soft drinks, raw milk, and experimental medicines.

Your labor can be taken against your will. One form of coerced physical labor is conscription: "the draft". We may soon see it again; this time to include young women.

You can be forced into labor to maintain your property as the local rulers demand. Do you prefer wildflowers or a garden to a mowed lawn? Too bad. Your property isn't yours; you must work to maintain your property as government specifies. Another part of your life taken against your will.

Your property can be stolen outright, as with "taxation" or eminent domain, or some of your property's value can be destroyed by preventing you from using it as you see fit. Since you spent part of your life acquiring that property, taking any of its value from you is the same as stealing some of your life. It's time you can't get back.

Believe you own your house or land free and clear? Try not paying the annual "property tax" ransom on it and see what happens. You are forced to keep working for someone else, giving them some of your property, or government steals it all.

You can also be punished for using your body in ways the state doesn't approve, such as with prostitution or gambling. Laws similarly prevent you from contracting with a potential employer outside the bounds of what the State allows, as with "minimum wage laws".

If you'll notice, all the above are interconnected- they are all the same: slavery.

I am an abolitionist; I don't want you to be a slave. I oppose slavery in all forms- even the types you might say aren't too bad, or believe necessary. I hope you realize you own yourself and can decide where your life, labor, and property go, even if you choose servitude. Please don't let any person or group of people enslave you.

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  1. “Whi doo yoo haate Amurrica?
    Whi dunt yoo moov to Somal-ya?”
    Someday, I hope to shake your editor’s hand for having the guts to print this kind of stuff.

    1. I started to forward that to him... but then I thought maybe it would be best if I don't call his attention to it too much. LOL.

      The old ("libertarian") publisher would throw a fit every time he noticed me- my editor is a lot better (calls himself "libertarian", too, but he seems to actually know what the word means).

    2. You should forward it to show he's appreciated by a reader.
      Just leave out the "Amurrica" part......

    3. Well written.
      Thank you, sir, for that.

  2. Reason doesn't work with stupid selfish statist humans.

    Kill them all. Fuk their gods.