Monday, August 01, 2016

Don't worry. It won't happen because it hasn't yet.

Just as soon as someone reassures me that because something bad hasn't happened yet, it's not ever going to happen... it happens. This happens to me personally all the time. Yay, right? I don't like being reassured because of this trend.

So, I wonder if that applies in the larger world as well. The US dollar hasn't yet experienced hyperinflation- even though by all measure, it should... so will it simply because "experts" assure me it won't?

And, I wonder if it might apply for things that would arguably be bad, but which I wouldn't mind seeing. Like a nice solar flare knocking out technology for a while. Tell me that it won't happen because it hasn't happened. (I know about the Carrington Event.)

Of course, I tend to believe that this also might mean that good things which haven't yet happened are always a possibility. Maybe not today, or this year, but sometime. Conditions change, even if humans really don't. What was nearly impossible a century ago, might be likely tomorrow. It might even have already started and be unstoppable.

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