Saturday, August 13, 2016

Hillary- worst among the horrible

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This is a bit of a break from my usual. Because this time I will talk politics.

I don't v*te, and I don't endorse candidates, so it really doesn't matter, but...
I dislike Hillary Clinton much more than I dislike any of the other candidates.

Part of that is because I have disliked her far longer than I have ever known of any of the other candidates.

You see, although I am not from Arkansas, I lived in Arkansas as Bill Clinton was climbing the political ladder. I have known people who were close to the Clintons during that time, and even a few who called the Clintons "friends", but even they said to NEVER trust either one of them.

I talked to Arkansas State Police officers who were on the governor's security detail. They universally hated and distrusted him. They told me tales about setting up "visits" of women who went to "meet" Clinton. I asked how they could stand being responsible for keeping him safe and alive. I told them to accidentally duck if anyone ever tried to "off" him. They just smiled.

I even met and visited with the amusing little man who interrupted Clinton's run as governor, causing Bill to run and hide when he found out he had lost the election. Unfortunately, he came back next time the office was up for grabs.

My dad worked for a big utility company during that time (Arkansas Power & Light), and had many brushes with Bill Clinton's minions forcing the company executives to favor those he wanted to get support from- to the point that when Bill Clinton said "don't shut off this person's electricity", the company executives would let certain favored folk have free electricity. Forever.

And, all during that time I remember miserable Hillary.

I remember what a nasty harpy Hillary was when she tore into people who called her "Hillary Clinton", insisting that she was "Hillary Rodham"- no "Clinton" at all.

She always came across as a hateful, lying, ill-tempered shrew. And my opinion of her has only gotten worse through the years.

I left Arkansas near the beginning of the 1992 presidential election, and was absolutely shocked to discover that people were actually serious about supporting Bill. Arkansas people joked that they wanted him elected president so he'd leave the state for good, but I never dreamed anyone outside of Arkansas took him seriously. I was also shocked that no one knew of the scandals that were common knowledge in Arkansas.

So, even though I dislike all the candidates to one extent or another, I have a special loathing for Hillary Clinton- just because I have been aware of her vile existence for many years longer than I have known of any of the others, and my impression of her has been universally negative. She is utterly disgusting in a way no other current candidate can even approach.

Now, I'll go wash my hands, since I feel dirty.


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