Saturday, August 13, 2016

In need of donations or subscriptions

I had this little PS on the last post...

I recently helped someone out, and now find myself in dire need of money. Again.I'm not complaining; I knew the bind this would put me in when I did it. If anyone is in the position to help, and wants to (yes, please meet both conditions, and never feel bad if you don't), please donate and/or subscribe today. This time, Paypal would be best for me. Thanks so much!

As it turns out, my situation is worse than I thought. Besides the money I thought I was going to need, I need $62.37 in the next day. (Note: This most dire need has been met. I'm leaving the post up for now, because I could really use more help.)

So, again, if you can help, and if you want to help, please donate or subscribe through Paypal.

Thank you.


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