Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Statists- making their own lives difficult since forever

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Why is it that so many people seem set on making so much extra trouble for themselves?

I'm not even necessarily speaking of those who seek out interpersonal "drama" when they don't have enough of it naturally. Although, they are of the same sort.

I'm talking about statists.

The world isn't perfect. There will be trouble whether you have a State and all its associated bullies and institutions or not. It's just the way it is. Some people are just bullies. If there's a State to join so they can bully in safety, the smart ones may choose that route. If there isn't, all the bullies will be freelance or form gangs that they don't call "government", but the actions remain the same. And, for the most part, the outcome does, too.

State or no State, you are going to have trouble. But with a State you get to pay extra for the thrill of being molested. You get to pay to build imposing buildings, huge office towers, fancy cars, guns (which they'll forbid you to own), weapons to be used to make enemies of people all across the globe (before being used against liberty on the streets of America by the Blue Line Gang welfare whores), and all manner of other things which will be used against your life, liberty, and property. By permitting a government to exist, you get bullied and robbed at least twice as much as you would otherwise.

So, why go to all the trouble of adding the layers of extra problems you get by supporting a State?

Anarchy is the natural state of human interactions. It's not perfect- nothing is. But why go to all the effort and expense to build an institution which will- at best- give the same results with a lot more trouble, rather than getting rid of all the extra nonsense and dealing with what trouble exists anyway by accepting reality?

I still think cowardice explains a lot.

What about you?

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  1. agree that cowardice is a part of it. But also limited time/resources.

    I cannot focus on, research, investigate, plan, and contribute toward every problem/unpleasantness in my local region. So I defer to others on many aspects that directly impact my life, because of my limited time.

    and the "unseen hand" of market forces has shown little in the way of defending itself against deliberately malevolent graft, corruption, theft (until darwinian collapse). I understand that I do not know enough to understand a pencil, and so would not try to force my will... which leaves room for bad actors to find areas where they can get hold and then working from there expand.

    statism is like a thousand viruses, bacteria, mold, finding a niche and then incrementally overcoming the host/target. humans seem to have a genetic deficiency, in that we do not quickly kill the leeches, before they overwhelm and consume the individuals within a society.

    "some people just need killin'"
    -Clint Eastwood in some movie

    is graft and theft 'initiation of deadly force'? it is slow death, as the host is sucked dry and eaten by the leech. then at what point does that merit 'active defense' and destruction of the virus?

    So yes, it is cowardice, but also just the reality that I cannot understand every aspect of my locale, and would not intervene/impose my will over others in a community, even if i thought i knew what the problems were; until ZAP criteria are exceeded...

    ill formed, incomplete reasoning, aided by beer. maybe push/pull at the thoughts and help me reason it out...

    1. "I cannot focus on, research, investigate, plan, and contribute toward every problem/unpleasantness"
      No one can. That's why there is division of labor. Statism short-circuits that useful tactic and forces everyone to "hire" the same services whether they want to or not, even if someone has a better idea or DOES have the time and desire to do it themselves.

      I certainly don't object to people having someone else do what I like to do for myself- I hate when they force me to accept their hired hands, and pay them with money stolen from me.

  2. but the viruses are persistent, and gain hold, and the kill the host after sucking out his substance.

    wish there was a way to innoculate against this class of known killers.

  3. guess our forefathers left europe to get away from them. then fled the east coast asshats to go west, to be left alone.

    but the asshats followed.

    1. The lack of a frontier to use to get away from control freaks will be disastrous eventually. I am not a particularly brittle person, and I feel that lack very deeply pretty often. If the control freaks would just leave some areas unmolested it would be enough- but that goes against their nature as control freaks.

    2. What would it take to buy a few square miles in the middle of the USA, declare and establish it as an independent 'state', and build Libertopia?(Rights and responsibility are valued, everything is voluntary, zero aggression principle is the law, etc..)

      I'm thinkin' it would be more efficient to obtain and use a really nasty bio-weapon, start a pandemic, kill almost everyone.

  4. to date humanity is without a defense against these leeches. unwilling to kill the virus, we allow it to kill us.

    so we either find a defense or find a frontier, or die in place as they eat out our substance.

  5. anon- go ahead buy it and get started.

  6. as a strategy, "defending in place on a fixed position" is a strategic loser. defending against individuals still causes harm to my property. and defending against massed aggressors to whom we give time and space to gather and amass, is militarily hopeless.
    So defending against groups necessarily means taking the defense unto the aggressors home, to destroy their ability to destroy your home. Once the aggressor is an imminent threat, that's the only defense that works to remove the threat.

    Or, you limit yourself to dying.