Saturday, August 20, 2016

Worst, except for all the other ways?

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"Slavery is the worst way to get the cotton picked, except for all the others." ~ Average Nice Guy 1850s

Just because you can't imagine something better is no excuse to keep doing the wrong thing. If your method violates life, liberty, or property, it is wrong. You shouldn't do it even if you think it's the best possible way. The "lesser of two evils". Not getting the cotton picked would have been economically disastrous. Having slaves pick it was still evil.

 Picking cotton by hand was hard labor. My grandmother did it when she was young, and I remember her descriptions of how it hurt to be stooped over, dragging a heavy bag slowly through the field for hours and hours. And the raw, bleeding fingers which resulted. Yet, she and her sisters did it. More or less voluntarily. It would have been evil of them to force others to do the work for them even if it would have meant their own starvation and my non-existence (imagine how happy that thought would make some people!).

 After slavery was (sort of) abolished, cotton still got picked. Better ways were invented, even if people in some places, such as my grandmother's family on the Llano Estacado of the Texas panhandle, couldn't afford technology, and lived as people had lived over a hundred years before.

 Sometimes you have to first stop committing evil before there's incentive for average "nice people" to go ahead and consider better options.

 "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others."~ Winston S. Churchill

 And so it is with poor old Winnie's delusion.

 There are better ways to govern. None of them involve mob rule or forming a State. One particularly better way involves the Covenant of Unanimous Consent. It doesn't matter if you like democracy, or can't imagine forcing people to do what you want without it. Maybe your mindset is backward. Democracy is wrong, in part because governing others is wrong, no matter how you go about it. And, in spite of Churchill's assertion, there is at least one much better way. Try it.

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