Sunday, October 30, 2016

Presidential debates have no value

(My Clovis News Journal column for September 30, 2016- Please note, my CNJ columns have moved to Wednesdays. The paper made some cuts, and dropped some opinion columns, but I survived the cut.)

Presidential debates are trivial entertainment (my chosen headline)

Is there value in time spent watching two liars trying to out-lie each other?

A lot of people seem to believe so. They watch presidential debates, and pretend they matter.

People have been fooled into believing "it's a two-party system" and a vote for anyone else is a wasted vote, and the debates confirm this belief. So, they continue to vote for the lesser of two evils, ignoring the fact that there are multiple evils to choose from.

Therefore, one of those two debating liars will soon be declared the president-elect of the tax-farm called "The United States". This winner will be using employees who will try to force you to behave in certain ways, and using your stolen property (stolen through "taxation") against you.

So you watch the debates.

It isn't necessary.

You want to know what to expect from the next president, right? I can give you a preview of what to expect right now.

The declared winner will build upon the misdeeds of his or her predecessors in the office. Even those things they criticized while campaigning. It's easier to condemn actions before you have the power to get away with committing them. I'm sure the new president's intentions will be pure, though. They always claim so.

All campaign promises will be ignored, but it will be explained that the promises aren't being broken; you aren't smart enough to see the Big Picture. As soon as a new president is let in on all the government secrets kept by the unelected people actually in power, it becomes clear why the indiscreet promises must be forgotten. It probably concerns the superstition called "National Security".

There's still hope. While no president is anywhere near as decent as his supporters want you to believe, neither is any president as bad as his opposition claims. Presidents are simply the gunk which floats to the top of the political soup, to be scooped up and held aloft as someone more noble than the rest of humanity.

Contrary to claims I have seen, presidents are unfit to imitate. If you believe a president-- any president-- should be a role model for children, you should probably put down the bong. Or pick one up. Because whatever you're doing isn't working.

As long as you are entertained by presidential debates, and don't take them too seriously, have fun watching. I have more important things to do, such as alphabetizing my cereals and sorting my cats' whiskers by length.

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  1. You can't talk voters out of it. You have to kill them in large numbers in order to make room for Libertopia.

    I recommend primarily using bio-weapons and pandemic strategy because it's very efficient. Distribute inoculation before attack, and only to Libertarians.

    All current systems are of an international and intercontinental network of governance. All systems not Libertarian are systematic violence. Thus all statists are criminals. Therefore right to defense applies.

    Kill 'em all. ... ...