Saturday, September 10, 2016

Too many cops committing too many wrongs

If the cops in your town are claiming that your town needs another cop because the current cops are too busy with drug cases to do anything else, it's a sign your town cops are wasting their time doing what they shouldn't be doing. Things they are completely in the wrong for doing.

That is the excuse the local Chief Wiggum has used to inflict another tax junkie on my neighbors and me. And, yes, obviously the corrupt and cowardly city council gave in to his demands. Spineless jerkwads.

Look, I don't want cops at all. Ever. Anywhere. Period. But, if there are to be cops, they certainly should only be acting to protect rights and property. And this isn't it.

The War on Politically Incorrect Drugs is only about finding new and creative ways to violate rights and property. That's what bad guys do. If cops do that, by enforcing anti-drug "laws", they ARE the bad guys. Much worse than those they are committing their acts of enforcement against.

I don't need cops, and neither do you.

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