Monday, October 31, 2016

Taking Teddy Bears

There is a situation someone was sharing on Facebook that made me really angry.

A friend's daughter had a stuffed toy rabbit she'd had and loved since she was a baby- maybe since she was born. She is now 13 years old and still loves and sleeps with the toy.

And someone stole it, just to hurt her.

If that's not evil, then nothing is.

Her dad believes he knows who stole the toy, but can't prove it. Without proof he can't go kicking in doors and choking suspects- because he isn't a bad guy.

You might think a 13 year-old ought not be that attached to a toy. I might agree in principle- but I have to admit I can completely empathize with her. She wasn't hurting anyone. Whether she "should" be that attached to a toy isn't the point- she was, and someone violated her property and hurt her. On purpose.

That infuriates me.

I know there are others who are just as attached to other things- or even myths they mistake for things- that are harmful. Like The State.

If what they love so much didn't directly violate other people, I would say you need to leave them alone and let them keep their figurative teddy bear. The problem is, with the State, their teddy bear only continues to be as long as it is fed the blood of innocents.

These are the people who- as long as they can't stay out of the lives of the rest of us-  need to have their beloved thing ripped from their hands and destroyed. Not innocent 13 year-old girls whose beloved possession isn't harming anyone.

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  1. "Her dad believes he knows who stole the toy, but can't prove it."

    In other words, Dad doesn't know. If he did, everything would make sense and he would be acting rather than trying to figure it out and bitching about it on Facebook.

    Thus "And someone stole it, just to hurt her." is purely speculative, a rationalization as to why someone would steal a 'worthless' stuffed toy. Without knowing who did it and being able to see a pertinent context, no one can say for sure why it was stolen.

    Indeed, why was it stolen? What is so special about that old stuffed rabbit that would have her guarding it, people stealing it, and her parents so upset and positioning for conflict?

    What's in the rabbit, heroin? tape of sex and lies? Hope Diamond?

    What do the parent's financial records look like? What is the little girl's IQ? Who are the family's friends and associates? Do they have any drug or gambling problems? What is really going on?