Monday, December 12, 2016

The Trump future

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I hate to admit it, because it won't win me any friends among my fellow libertarians, but I don't see Trump as Hitler. Not even as a lesser Nazi.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, I saw as Hitler... only with less charisma and a nastier demeanor.

It's not that I think Trump is one of the good guys. He sought and gained political power- so even if he had been good (which he wasn't), he would cease to be the moment he takes the oath of office. Those who v*ted for him doomed him to become evil. Or, evil-er.

I oppose Trump's police state desires. His "stop and frisk and take away their guns"; his border wall. His protectionism. His nationalism. All of it is wrongheaded and harmful to Rightful Liberty.

But I don't think he could become a Hitler, even if he tried.

Too many people are too suspicious of him, and the self-anointed "elites" are watching him too closely. Hillary would have been able to get away with becoming an actual Hitler; too many were willing to excuse every evil thing she did- for decades. Not so with Trump.

Sure, there is a core of Trump supporters who will excuse (or enthusiastically support) anything he does, but it isn't large enough for him to get away with evolving into Hitler.

No matter who the politician is, I oppose their opinions and actions when they whittle away at, or move away from, Rightful Liberty. Just as I approve of their opinions and actions which strengthen it- without approving of the politician. The person doesn't matter- what they believe and do does. Politician or not.

Having a president is a really bad idea. But I feel we dodged a Hillary nuclear missile and caught a Trump bullet. I just hope it passes clean through without hitting anything critical. There will be pain and blood, but perhaps it will shock some people into action.


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