Monday, February 13, 2017

Does evil justify evil?

To rely on the argument that as long as there is welfare and the risk of crime, there must be "immigration control" is a really poor argument.

You could justify almost anything that way.

As long as there is rape, there must be mandatory chastity belts.

As long as murder exists, there must be anti-gun "laws".

As long as ignorance is dangerous, there must be government schools, and as long as there are government schools, you must steal money from property owners to pay for them.

I could go on like that all day. You can't justify one evil by the existence of another evil. You've got to respect rights. Perhaps that will solve the problem you claim to be concerned about. Maybe it won't. But at least you'll stop being part of the problem.

The solution is NOT to violate people through violating property rights (which is what "immigration control" comes down to), but to STOP violating people through stealing their money and redistributing it, and by criminalizing self defense.

The reality of the existence of evil doesn't justify more evil. Get rid of the evil you are using to justify a second evil, rather than looking to a second one to counter the first. Or, at the very least, stop defending the root evils as an excuse for the secondary evils.

Quick! Build a second one to fight him off!


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  1. It's not a matter of justification of one evil by pointing out the existence of other evils, but of picking one's battles wisely. The state itself is an abomination that undermines free society in thousands of ways and in a world of limited resources, especially time, one must set priorities in order to be able to mount an effective defense against the state's depredations. The border never has and never will be "controlled", so this issue is mostly political campaign bluster, tilting at windmills and propaganda.

    Regardless of this largely being much ado about nothing, my life is directly degraded by the money stolen from me to fund welfare, health care, education, and other government services that not only are exacerbated by growing numbers of immigrants, but they serve as the enticement to the 400 billion people living in third-world shit-holes the world over. Do the math. So, I make it a priority to combat first warfare (the biggest threat) followed by the Fed (that robs us through enabling fractional reserve banking), then taxes (legalized theft) and welfare (distribution of stolen goods). Immigration is so far down the list as to be a very minor concern. It should be obvious that eliminating welfare would make immigration a non-issue whereas open borders would make welfare an unbearable burden and bankrupt us all. Thus, I care more about my family, my friends, my community and myself than 400 billion strangers trying to move here. That doesn't justify border controls in any way whatsoever, it just means that I prefer to spend my limited time and energy focusing on surviving the state's more significant threats.

    1. nation = boundaries

      i am glad that i do not live in mexico, pakistan, syria, or china.
      and resist the invasion of my community, and those who aid and abet the invasion.

    2. I can't really say with any certainty that I'm glad I don't live in any of those places mentioned. I'm sure there are bad people there. There are bad people here- many of whom hang out at the courthouses, police stations, Washington DC, etc. Don't judge me by those thugs.

      What I hear about those places mentioned isn't going to make me want to pick up and live there (although I've heard from people who live in some of those places who dispute the common perceptions).The media focuses on the extreme exceptions in everything they report on, and ALL governments are totally evil, but some are worse than others due to having more power. I don't conflate individuals with the government which claims to "represent" or Rule them. And, I don't support archators no matter what their justification might be.

      I feel the same way as anyone else about invaders and trespassers. I even feel suspicious about people whose culture is strange and seems threatening to me. Yes, good fences make good neighbors- as long as I don't try to fence off your property, too, and control who you allow on it- against your will.