Friday, March 31, 2017

My "beggar blog"

"Why donate to someone who can not take care of their own bills?Way I see it, your constant begging for money is not getting you much money.I just laugh every time I run across your beggar blog."

I admit it, my personal economic model is flawed. I do the work, put it out there for free, and hope people will see fit to pay me for it.

This doesn't work as well as I might hope.

But you are free to read without subscribing. I never ask anyone to donate or subscribe when they'd rather not, or if they can't afford to, or just have better things to do with their money.

So, to answer your question, Mr. Anonymous, don't. There is no "why" if you don't want to. Read without paying, there will be no consequences​ and no hard feelings​. I'm not like a theater owner who'll kick you out for sneaking in to see a movie without paying. You have my permission to be here, or not.

You can also skip the posts were I ask for donations, subscriptions, or gifts, if that makes you happier. No worries.

Glad my troubles​ amuse you. I guess that's another service I'm not forcing you to pay for.


1 comment:

  1. OK, so you produce content, offer it freely, and ask for those who value it to pay.

    Mr. "I just laugh" admits that he values the content (it makes him laugh), but doesn't pay.

    You're a creator. He's a mooching ne'er do well.