Saturday, March 11, 2017

The fight is inevitable- the enemy is your choice

You will have to fight for your rights, and otherwise defend yourself and your property from archators, unless you simply choose to give up. It's just reality.

If you aren't the giving up sort, who would you rather fight? The State or bad "immigrants" who respect your rights about as much as the State does?

I think this may be where the disagreement lies between those who support the State's border control policies and me.

If pushed, I would much rather defend myself and my property from freelance archators than from the much larger, and more organized "official" archators of the State. The State is better armed and more numerous, and comes at you with a fervent religious belief in its own legitimacy which is shared by its supporters.

Even if you believe "immigrants" will strengthen the State, side with the State, add to the State, and prop up the State, the State is still the root problem, and the true enemy.

I'm sorry if you disagree. There will be a fight- who do you believe you have the better chance beating? I know which gang I would rather be shooting at, because I know which gang would be easiest to beat with the lowest risk to my life, liberty, and property- except that the State criminalizes self defense... which once again makes the State the root of the problem. Strike the root, not the branches.


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  1. You only mention two actors to choose to fight- The State or “bad immigrants.” In reality, there is a THIRD party I choose to fight- “bad immigrants” assisted and protected by The State. Fight the subsidized, medieval monkeys and you are ALSO fighting the state. You’re pruning the branches while ALSO weakening the roots.

    1. But if you support the State's border "controls" you are also fighting the good "immigrants" while supporting the State. So, if anything, you are weakening the State while strengthening the State...

      Fight (or delegitimize) the subsidizing (which is the State), and the bad "immigrants" can be fought more easily since there will be far fewer of them.

    2. nice portrait pic !

    3. Reject anything that doesn't value rights, whether it is the state, bad neighbors, immigrants, ...

  2. management, logistics infrastructure- is bigger problem than individual bad archators.

    the machone deliberately producing archators is the real problem. individual archators are just symptoms.