Friday, June 02, 2017

It doesn't win you any friends

Speaking truth, that is.

And, this fact has been known for millennia.

Long ago it was said "veritas odium parit"; truth breeds hatred. Which leads to "shoot the messenger".

After scolding Fred Reed for his, frankly, insane support for cops nearly a year ago, yesterday I found myself squirming on his behalf when he wrote some very honest things about "The Troops", which everyone is supposed to love so unconditionally.

The truth about cops makes copsuckers hate you.
The truth about the government's military will make "patriots" hate (and "unfriend") you.
Truth hurts those who support evil people.

That's not to say that lies about people won't have the same effect, but lies are more easily countered with truth. If someone says something untrue about your beloved gang, just set the record straight, and that's that.

When it's the truth which makes people unhappy, they have no recourse but to fall back on hatred. Well, they can lie, but lies won't get them far when people know the truth, or can figure it out for themselves.

Speaking truth is worth the hatred you'll get. Or, I believe it is. You'll have to decide for yourself.


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  1. No one values truth or life or reason on this planet.

    Maybe it deserves what it will get in return?

    1. Yes, and in spite of being a product of my environment that taught me psychopathy and evil and every possible morally/ethically deplorable behavior as a standard norm.

    2. old soldiers and old cops are speaking up

    3. "old soldiers and old cops are speaking up"

      That's good, but inadequate. They have to act, and they have to ALL act.