Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Late Night Horror Movie of your own making

Dilbert's Scott Adams says everyone sees the world as a sort of "movie" playing on a screen in their mind. Different people see the same events differently, depending on the specific "movie" they are watching.

Mostly, he's been using this observation to explain how different people can disagree so strongly over things Trump does. I believe it also explains how people see "immigration".

For example...

Movie 1:
America is being invaded and destroyed by lazy, filthy greedy foreigners who will v*te for the Democrats (who promise to hand them America's wealth and culture) only to waste their opportunity and turn America into the same kind of craphole the foreigners left. Only Big Government can save America-- with a border wall, deportations, arrests, checkpoints, national IDs, etc.

Movie 2:
America is being destroyed from within by Nazi politicians and the deplorably ignorant v*ters who support them. It can only be saved by Big Government bringing in new blood-- the helpless victims of the US's wars of aggression (but don't end those wars!) so they can make a new start, keeping their old lives, cultures, and values, free from restraint. You can't ask them to change anything about the way they live- that would be racist and bigoted. And, obviously, they need handouts (financed by "taxation") to give them a fair shot.

Movie 3:
Everything government does ends badly; everything it touches turns to crap. Growing or empowering government, for any reason, is suicidal.
This is the movie I am watching. I believe it is the most accurate, and is verified accurate daily. Your opinions may differ (in other words, you might be wrong 😉).


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  1. In the 'real' world (according to statists)

    Magic special words, religious ceremony, funny clothes, symbols, decorations, and words on paper or parchment, gives the absolute 'right' to use force to do whatever you want or to claim whoever you want as your slaves, and/or to own whatever property you want.

    If they don't like it, they can move. It sux to be them.

    1. But, if you do move, you aren't "allowed" to take too much of your property with you, and you'll be expected to send tribute back to the gang you left. What a sweet deal for the bullies!

    2. Who needs to move? All we need is magic special words, religious ceremony, paper, etc to claim equal legitimacy.

      I was born with them. Mine say that I am god as per popular standards.