Friday, June 09, 2017

Terminal Stockholm Syndrome- is there hope?

"Our government"
"Our Constitution"
"Our president"
"My congressman"
"Our flag"
"Our troops"
"Our military"
"Our police"
"My taxes"
The above phrases are symptoms of a terminal case of Stockholm Syndrome. They indicate a person so deep into the brainwashing they may never dig their way out, and will willingly sacrifice others-- or even themselves-- for those beliefs. Beliefs which are nothing but a silly, yet dangerous, superstition.

There is a cure, but it seems too scary for most of the sufferers to consider.

The E Plebnista beats and whips you for your own good


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  1. The cure is anarchy, of course.

    But you have a few billion statists who cannot be reasoned with and insist that they own you, and are rightful in forcing it upon everyone. Thus before enjoying a state of anarchy, there needs to be genocide.

    Start with a nuclear attack on all major population centers worldwide, followed by biological, chemical, and conventional bombing campaigns upon the survivors.

    After that, it should be fairly easy to kill off or manage the rest.

    If there are any ethical issues, just say some magic words and have a ceremony before writing on paper that you have a right to do whatever you want.

  2. and just re-write any history books and indoctrinate two generations with your new truths - and your magical words are accepted facts