Thursday, June 01, 2017

The credibility of statists

I'm finding that the opinions of statists (of any degree) are becoming less and less important to me.

I'll still hear them out, but if they advocate a government "solution" to anything, I'm likely to simply chalk it up to ignorance and give their opinion no further consideration. Anything else is being disrespectful to my brain, principles, and ethics.

It's like taking science advice from a person who has been convinced (or, who's decided to "believe") that the Earth is flat. It makes no sense to pretend they are credible in this particular arena.

Well, if a person believes that theft, aggression, superstition, and slavery (the political means) are possibly better ways to live among their fellow humans than self ownership, individual responsibility, and voluntary association (the economic means), they've lost all credibility with me on that subject.


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  1. It would be nice to simply dismiss them. But there is no practical way to physically avoid them and their state.

    They think they own you and your property and everything you do and every generation with your DNA from here on, and everything they own or do, etc... They have an army to make it so, or up to and including death/cage/destruction, etc.

    You have a choice of slavery(compliance), slavery(compliance anyway after coerced) or death or cage('necessarily' forced).

    What you really mean when you say "becoming less important" is rationalizing how you are still able to tolerate renting your property and raising the state's children.

    You'll sit here and tolerate it, while you complain about it thinking it will eventually come to freedom by means of a sensible popular peaceful demand,

    ...while the statists vote to demand more government to exert more control over things like free speech and the internet, while the kinder-prison guards 'teach' your precious child/grandchildren how to rationalize their serfdom,

    ...or up to and including whatever the edicts say you will be punished with.

    'All hail the govern-gods!'

  2. FYI...

    I am personally offended by that those statements.

    ...and I wrote them.

    1. That doesn't offend me, but I don't know a realistic way to solve it. "Kill them all" is as realistic as me getting my own Firefly class spaceship to get away on.

    2. Well, it offends me. I read that and consider the brutal honesty of it, in addition to the cynical tongue in cheek aspects, and am personally aggravated that anyone should have to even consider wondering if they should think of if they might ponder whether they want to negotiate the possibility of it as a remote reality.

      It is disgusting.

      I can't think of any other means of reasoning with billions of idiots who are unable to grasp the simple concept of being free without violating other people.

      And I fail to see the basic difference between a gang of a few and a gang of billions.

      It kind of devalues life on this planet. The ruling percent of statists are a system that is not based in the value of life, has no respect for rights or what it means to be a human.

      I have difficulty calling them anything but thugs and criminals.

      They are a system of violence that cannot be reasoned with, doesn't value life, and does not have a right to exist. Why not kill them all?

      The is a rather difficult concept to even consider really. It is equally as disgusting as statism. I suppose the real question is of which side of right is it really on.

      Whatever. Statism is fuct up and needs to go, whatever the means.

      If I had a way to a better place, I wouldn't care because I would be there.

    3. "...getting my own Firefly class spaceship to get away on..."

      yes. need that.

      how bad did europe have to suck, so people would get on little crappy ships like the Mayflower to get away from the statists? about this bad?

    4. I would give almost anything for a real frontier...