Monday, August 28, 2017

Clovis, NM library murders- I understand the appeal of REVENGE

I don't believe revenge is right.

At this moment, I would do something I believe is wrong if I could get my hands on a particular murderous little loser. I don't care if he decided to murder random people because he has been bullied. Right now, I want blood. It's a good thing I know I'll calm down.

Today was my daughter Emily's 10th birthday. We had a pretty good day.

This afternoon we went to the mall so she could spend some of her birthday money. While there I got the report of an active shooter at the library. My daughter overheard, and was immediately concerned. Her first thought was for the safety of "Miss Krissie", the children's librarian.

She told me if Miss Krissie got shot, it would be the worst birthday ever.

This evening, although there hasn't been any confirmation, it looks like Miss Krissie, Kristina Carter, was one of the fatalities.

My daughter is devastated.

We started going to Toddler Story Time at the library when Emily was tiny. Emily kept going after she was too old to go, and not really interested in the toddler stories anymore, just because she loved Miss Krissie. She was so proud when she showed Miss Krissie that she had learned to write her name and could fill out her own name tag-- and Miss Krissie gushed over the accomplishment. 

Even after we stopped going to story time, we would always stop by to see Miss Krissie. Emily posed for several pics with her over the years, and we gave her copies. She always acted like those pictures were the most precious things she had ever received. When we'd run into her around town, she always remembered Emily's name and made her feel important.

I love libraries, and wish they were freed from government control. And, in a voluntaryist library, they couldn't do any better than hiring someone as caring as Miss Krissie. R.I.P.

(The other woman who was murdered was also very sweet to Emily. She was more of a grandmotherly type. Always behind the counter. Always cheerful, and getting my daughter to tell her about the book she was getting, or other small talk. Always acting like Emily was a VIP. The senselessness has left me hurt and angry. Very angry.)


(This was also the subject of an extra, Sunday edition, of my newspaper column.)

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