Friday, August 25, 2017

Gang members attract groupies

One day recently, at an event at the park, I was watching people gathering around a cop. Several seemed to be jostling for his attention. I couldn't help but wonder what the attraction is.

Then I remembered someone I know who idolizes the Mafia, and it clicked: Gang members attract groupies. Suddenly I started thinking of other examples of the same phenomenon.

Many people are attracted to those they see as "dangerous". Some of these groupies are "harmless" people (perhaps cowards) who hunger for an association with someone who has more of an edge. Someone who can help them feel less harmless by association.

Others are in denial that they idolize bad guys, and they want plausible deniability, so they gather around those who are dangerous, but are seen as somehow "legitimate", too. Someone who can kill with impunity, but only "those who deserve it". Anyone cops murder is generally considered, by the cop groupies at least, to have deserved it somehow. Cops are their natural aphrodisiac.

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  1. I've had this conversation with my wife who is a cop person. I finally had to explain that it's not "who" or "what" cops are that matters but what they "do." A cop who rescues a kid from drowning did something "good" but when the same cop beats a handcuffed suspect he did something "bad." There are no "cops," there are only individuals, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, when ANY people who run in packs can get away with the evil they do with impunity they deserve our negative response. The day I hear cops say they'll ONLY enforce victimless crime laws in protection of our rights will I believe in them. Unfortunately, virtually every organization of every kind places the protection of their own organization first.