Thursday, September 07, 2017

Who's angry?

I'm not generally an angry person (although sometimes I get angry at certain events or people), but I think it's completely reasonable for anarchists to be angry.

Why would an anarchist be angry?

Might it be due to injustice? Theft? Might it be that these vile things are accepted as normal, or even desirable, by the vast majority of people?

Might it be because he is a good person who sees immense evil being called "good" or "necessary"?

Why would anger under these conditions be unexpected?

Anger doesn't justify taking it out on innocent people, though. And that recognition is what makes us better people than the rabble who do.

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  1. I am not angry at statists, at least not for the reasons you state. I am not sure that it is even anger, but rather frustration with their stupidity and complacency and reluctance to correct.

    I see it in terms of violence and rights. They can think and do whatever they want and I don't care. It's not my problem or business unless it actually is.

    Because they organize to claim my homeland and myself as their property and jurisdiction/territory, because they threaten me with death to control me and steal, the right to defense applies. If they gave an "opt-out" option, I would do exactly that and quit bitching. The problem would then be resolved, corrected.

    Because they do not, because they refuse, they need to be exterminated. So how do you kill millions/billions of criminals?

    1. I can relate. And I don't know the answer, beyond the observation I made decades ago: Humans NEED frontiers, in order to get away from the control freaks and governers, and there isn't a viable one now... and that will lead to absolute disaster if not rectified. Soon.

    2. I've thought it out. It always comes down to genocide because humans are naturally selfish and stupid, apathetic, incapable of peaceful coexistence. And it always produces a cycle of re-population to produce a need to kill almost everyone again.

      The ultimate answer is to exterminate the human race entirely, forever.