Friday, October 13, 2017

Back from the canyon

I doubt anyone noticed my absence, but I was away from "civilization" for a few days.

Upon my return Monday evening, I was disheartened to see that there's still no civilization back here in "civilization".

The archators are still arguing over ways to violate you and me. Not that I really expected anything different.

While I was off wandering, I did see a "state police" pickup cruising around when I came in for meals. The occupant losers staring intensely at everyone they passed, hoping to break their boredom by seeing some excuse to molest someone. But otherwise I was pretty much able to forget that such bad guys exist. I didn't waste my time thinking about archators, with the exception of overhearing someone make a dumb comment, that I got off my mind by making a short video.

Instead I did useful things. I mindlessly wandered wherever the whim took me. I looked at animal tracks and watched some tracks being made. I nibbled weeds. I took my daughter along to show her some of the things I found. I talked to a lizard sunning on a rock, and I petted a big centipede. Just normal things.

I also worked at teaching a young boy the art of making fire without matches- with his mother's informed consent. I told her I am not responsible if he burns down the house. His patience level is probably going to have to increase before he's too much of a danger in that regard, but you never know.

Anyway, it was a nice, badly needed break. But I'm back and ready to write.

(I'll do another post with some pictures, so as not to overload this post.)

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