Monday, October 02, 2017

Your responsibility to not archate

"Conservatives" are lukewarm about rights. They love the ones they love, and mock the ones they don't.

They get very excited about (your) responsibilities, but manage to gloss over or ignore one of the biggest responsibilities there is: the responsibility to not archate.

That is, the responsibility to not violate the rights-- the life, liberty, and property-- of others, even those rights you don't like.

Yes, that is a human responsibility that can't be eliminated, no matter how unhappy it makes you.

This trips them up every time. It's a good way to distinguish between libertarians and the "conservatives" who like to make liberty noises as long as things are going their way.

There are other responsibilities, of course. Some of which I don't particularly enjoy. But really, if you gloss over the responsibility to respect the rights of other people, you're not going to be a good person even if you live up to every other responsibility you have.

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  1. "Conservatives" are no different than "Liberals". You can call them anything you want, but they are simply criminals because they willingly support systematic violence.

    It has nothing to do with idealism or whatever bullshit excuse they may argue. It is about using force to get their way, fighting anyone who disagrees.

    They need to be exterminated, and only because you will never convince them otherwise. They cannot be reasoned with to stop violating.

    Kill 'em all, let god sort them out.

    1. So, were you in Las Vegas last night, killing all you could so god could sort them out? Or, were you just happy to have someone else doing your work for you?

    2. My estimated minimum requirement for the "kill 'em all" strategy is about 4 billion. Anything less than that is a waste of time.

      I have developed another strategy. I call it "bitch". The idea is that if you spend your whole life bitching about the evil of statism you can effectively change the minds of two or three people. And if they also spend the remainder of their lives bitching about the evil of government, another 6-9 people will do the same, and so on.

      I estimate that the world will be free by the year 3498273458923758734589723485349858734568346587346587346587346

      It is a little slower, but far more efficient. It also helps libertarians rationalize serfdom as ethical.

    3. If, instead of wishing to kill everyone, you would work to convince one person per year, and they would convince one person each per year, it wouldn't take that long. I know some won't be convinced, but talking to people can and does work. I've had many more than "2 or 3" people sharing with me how I convinced them to change their minds, and I haven't been trying "my whole life".

    4. I don't wish to kill anyone. I simply see it as a unfortunate necessary step to Libertopia. I justify it as rightful defense.

      People are stupid, brainwashed, or have no regard for life beyond their own selfish needs. You aren't going to convince enough people, who are willing to act, fast enough to make a difference. For every dozen people you convince, millions are born and raised to be serfs.

      They won't even allow you an opt-out. They demand everyone be slaves. Even some of the most intelligent normal and savvy of our species will argue things like "My way by force, it sucks to be them." That is the kind of trash you're dealing with, Kent.