Thursday, November 16, 2017


A week or so back I was trapped in a parking lot; blocked in a space by a cop car while the badge-scum who arrived in it molested some guy parked next to me.

The guy he was bothering may actually be a bad guy. Who knows. It's irrelevant. That is no excuse to park in such a way as to block people in and then stay there 10 (or more) minutes after the blocked in person gets to their car. Cop-guy had to perform the "cuff, hassle, release" dance, and then have his victim sign something, and that took a lot of time.

How would the tax addict have reacted if I had blocked him in? You don't even have to answer because we both know.

Cops are worthless vermin. I despise them. So do others.

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  1. I once followed a cop who flew past me on the right well above the speed limit (no lights or sirens). When he parked at a grocery store and got out, I stopped nearby, told him he was driving dangerously fast and asked him to please slow down. His response was to say "I had to be somewhere". Can I use that excuse next time I'm pulled over?

    1. Here's an idea;

      Step 1 - Start a free website and advertise your desire to operate as an agent representing Libertarian ideas and interests. Spend about $5-20 dollars of your own money for a solid black piece of cloth and "Times Up" flag and spray paint to decorate a closet with anarchy/libertarian symbolism and deem it a "Capital".

      Step Two - People send small($1) donations as a retainer fee with a signed note expressing in general ambiguous terms that they want you to represent them as Libertarian residents of the Milky Way Galaxy.

      Step Three - Dress up in a costume and have a ceremony in the closet, then write down that you are libertarian dictator of the Milky Way Galaxy by the authority vested in you just because.

      Step Four - Make a law criminalizing all forms of statism, and a list of subsequent penalties for disobedience. Also make laws criminalizing violating the rights of members with a set of measures for restitution and/or punishment.

      Step Five - Hire someone by giving them a small retainer to be a special investigator. Recruit a gang of people willing to fight.

      Step Six - Whenever the investigator can confirm a member has been arrested or harassed by government(or anyone), send the police and judge/court a letter telling them they have broken several laws of Statute;237463-346-B-VII: Conspiring and supporting or participating in government violence. Inform them that they can either pay a fine of 1 trillion dollars or be subject to Provision 343654-R-MCIVI.

      (But you don't have to tell them anything else. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.)

      Step Seven - If they do not comply immediately or whenever you wish they would or with absolute submission, hire people to hunt them and steal their things and burn their homes down and abduct their family members and throw them in dungeons.

      It sucks to be them. They shouldn't have broken the law. They should move to another galaxy if they don't like it.

    2. I already have a black flag and a "Time's Up" flag. What I lack is the desire to perform the pageant. I might be willing to back someone else who has that desire, though. It sounds like a fun thing to do.