Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Chrisolstikwanzakah

Enjoy the winter solstice holiday of your choice.
Thank you for being here for me.
I'll be back in a couple of days.

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  1. For many thousands of years, people have been reliant on agriculture for their survival, thus attentive to the changing of the seasons and how it corresponds to the position of the sun, planetary cycles, etc.

    The winter solstice in late December is the shortest days of the year and the sun is at it's lowest position. From that point on, the days get longer and the temperature increases, the rains come and it is time to plant, which will ultimately result in a high yield and festivities the following year as the days begin to get shorter again, and later stores can be shared for the winter solstice celebration.

    It's a half-point celebration, always has been. Christianity hijacked it during the Hellenistic period when Pagans and Christians and Jews and everything else were blending cultures, assigning it to "Jesus".

    Nothing against whoever Jesus really was, but I find it interesting how the meanings of things are strangely identical or paralleled.

    Jesus is English for Greek for Hebrew name Yeshua, which mean's (Yah)god's (Shuah)salvation. Christ is is English for Greek Kristos, which is the same definition of Hebrew word Mashiach, or Messiah, which means instrument of god, or with a message or purpose from god, an ascended or enlightened spiritual master. Hence Jesus Christ can be interpreted to mean God's Salvation through the spirit of Christ, or Ascension through the Christ Consciousness.

    It looks more like allegory about what 'Jesus' was teaching rather than his actual identity. How interesting how his story aligns with so many other gods and ideas. The irony is watching everyone exploit it and religion in general, to do exactly what he warned against.

    Meh, whatever, ...Merry Christmas.