Friday, December 29, 2017

Murderous scumwad shrugs responsibility

Members of the murderer's gang lying to cover the crime

So, a murderous scum Blue Line Gang member murders a kid while killing a suspected thief, and once again isn't held responsible. Instead, the whole disgusting gang protects him or her (probably "him") from responsibility by hiding the murderer's identity.

Was the claim that the intended murder victim was seen with a gun a lie? Or just a case of "seeing" what the scum wanted to see in order to have a "license to kill"?

You could claim that this wasn't murder, since the scumwad didn't realize the kid was inside the house where he couldn't be seen.

If you were trying to murder an unarmed woman, and you missed with at least one shot, and that shot went through a wall, into a house, and hit and killed a kid, would you be given the courtesy of having your identity hidden from the public, and not being immediately arrested for murder?

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  1. So what do you suggest that we do about the criminal blue line gang? You know reasonable intelligent discussion and speaking out with every chance you get isn't working.

    Here is my pledge;

    I have a priority concern to take care of first. I have a list of people that I am going to kill. There are at least two families who have ruined my life via long term harassment and stalking, and apparently mind-rape/hypnotism, etc.

    As soon as they are all dead I am going to move on to the kikes, then the jesus-tards, then the statists.

    When I get to the statists, I am gonna start with leaders of the local crime syndicate and their hired guns.