Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Fixing government?

Here's a truth which seems to be agonizingly painful for a lot of people: You can't "fix" government by electing principled people.
That's like arguing that you can make child molestation "better" by only having principled molesters.

If the person has principles that are worth anything, they won't commit the act at all. If they will commit the act, then how are things "better"?

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  1. What if we elected only voluntaryists who refused to take any salary? Of course, that's assuming that they were able to resist the temptation of the ring of power!

    1. I used to believe that might be possible. Unfortunately I discovered the obstacles are in place to prevent such a person from ever being elected to any office that might make a difference.

    2. True, and I suppose if we had enough support to elect voluntaryists, we wouldn't have to elect them. We could just ignore government out of existence.

    3. That won't work because people are stupid and selfish and brainwashed. There will always be people to demand the state enslave everyone.

      You have to kill them all, ..as in 4+ billion people.

  2. Government is an indicator of social failure.

    In a perfect world, we don't require a government because everyone lives by a common set of principles favoring tolerance, voluntarism, and nonaggression. Government might be founded to protect individual rights, but it becomes corrupted by fear, ambition, greed, and laziness.

    We very much get the government we deserve.

    1. "We very much get the government we deserve."
      - True for the average person in society, but not for everyone! The worst part is that they're not content to suffer the consequences of their decisions alone. They have to drag us into the same sinking boat...