Friday, January 12, 2018

In need of a fence

The house on one side of me has been vacant for years. It is in bad shape, and has probably been deteriorating since being vacant. It was for sale for a couple of years, but didn't get much attention.

I guess the owner has finally decided to fix it up a little so it will sell.

But, this has created a problem.

The person working on the house-- and I don't know if it is the owner or a hired man-- parked in our yard. Repeatedly. The house is almost against the property line, less than 10 feet from it, and he kept parking beside the house on my property.

Probably, I wouldn't have made much of an issue, but he also made a big pile of trash (boxes, plastic wrap, foam wrap, etc.) behind the house, and this is a windy area, and his trash keeps blowing into my yard (and all over the neighborhood). This actually made me more angry than the parking situation.

I've not had good experiences asking people to not drive through my yard in the past, so I just put up a "no trespassing" sign right where the guy kept parking. I also wrote a note asking him to "please stop parking in my yard" and to pick up his trash.

Yes, I need a fence. If I could afford one, and could afford the survey to see exactly where to put one.

Anyway, he didn't show up for a few days, but when he came back, he parked in his own driveway and picked up (most of) his trash. We shall see how this goes now.

And then I have the thrill of possibly getting a new neighbor, if the house sells. I'm hoping for a certain type of new neighbor.

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  1. 4x4's, 2x4's, 1x6's, concrete, nails/screws, wood sealer.

  2. You need a fence for keeping people working on a shithole property who have no respect for your rights from crossing the border into your property and trashing it.

    It's like a microcosm of our nation's immigration problem.

    1. Except that I own my property and can legitimately keep others off it. The US government doesn't own my property just because it claims the entire region, and it has no legitimate right to violate all the property rights of the residents to "close the borders". There's a gigantic difference between property rights/property lines and "national borders". One is an expression of property rights, the other is a violation of them.

  3. Ownership of property is a legal construct, and the legal code is a creation of the State. You rail against the power of the State, but you depend upon its legal system to guarantee your rights.

    1. Funny, but I can think of plenty of ways to guarantee rights without hiring a gang that violates rights to "protect" rights. LOL