Saturday, January 06, 2018

Once ignorance is cured, malevolence remains

I believe most people support archators out of ignorance. Most. Some people support archators out of malevolence.

Almost everyone is a fan of some archators, though, and this is strange.

Maybe some of those who support archators out of ignorance can be educated out of it. They have to be shown that those who initiate force and violate property are basically all the same. This is a very painful and difficult lesson for most of them-- they don't want to believe it. The archators they like, they want to see as doing something difficult and necessary, rather than seeing them as common thugs like the archators they don't like.

But, by initiating force and violating property, their "heroes" are doing what they don't have a right to do. They are acting as the bad guy, regardless of their justifications. They are not people to support.

If you support some archators, why not just support them all? You may as well. Especially once your mistake has been pointed out. If you continue to support archators at that point, you can't really claim ignorance anymore-- now it looks like malevolence to me.

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  1. "If you continue to support archators at that point, you can't really claim ignorance anymore-- now it looks like malevolence to me."

    I agree. Knowing the difference gives you the choice. Albeit an ethical dilemma.

    It is like knowing the car company you work for is intentionally designing cars that explode. If you keep making exploding cars knowing you're making exploding cars, it's arguably malice. You can claim that you're doing what you're paid to do, therefore not responsible. But you still wake up every day and willingly contribute to endangering people's lives by intentionally making exploding cars.

    It is not much different than working in a restaurant being told to pee in the food.

    Statists become aware that the state can only produce one or another form of violence, and are therefore stuck with the ethical dilemma of supporting the state/violence, or becoming an anarchist.

    They think anarchy means chaos, and that normalcy cannot exist without the state, nor can all of the other things the state magically 'produces'. So they decide that it's worth it to be unethical, ultimately rationalizing the state as more valuable than life itself.

    That is how it is evil.

  2. About 40K people commit suicide every year in the USA. That dwarfs the death toll from terrorism in the USA.

    Yet look how the people respond. Do you see the masses rallying around the "War on Suicide"? No, ..why not? ..because life isn't that important.

    But look at how they rally around the PERCEIVED threat to the state and possibly themselves and way of life. Do you see all the innocent deaths in the middle east in the last 30 years as a result of military action? Who's bitching about it? Why so few? ..because life isn't that important.

    See the people taking a knee at sporting events? Why? protest of police violence. And what about the people bitching about it? if black lives don't matter. ...because life isn't really important.

    And why should americans value life when they have been taught not to, taught that people's worth is according to everything else but their humanity or ethics, taught to survive through dishonesty and deception and everything unethical or violent?



    1. I can think of twice in my life where I didn't follow the crowd. Once I was waiting in a line with my (at the time) wife when a guy collapsed. My wife worked at a nursing home and had some medical training, so I basically pushed her into helping the guy. She was reluctant to get involved, believing she didn't know enough to help. She did.

      Another time, well, here is that tale.

    2. The overall point I am making is about how people don't value life as much as they do other things, the state or social status, etc. ..even when there is no risk involved.

      Humans are selfish pieces of shit who don't value life. If they did, they would probably have a different attitude, would behave differently, you helping the bloody guy on the rocks.