Friday, January 19, 2018

Turning your back on your supporters

I admired Bradley Manning's bravery in exposing U.S. war crimes.

I opposed Manning's unjust imprisonment for exposing the evil crimes of others.

I supported Bradley's choice to become Chelsea.

I cheered Chelsea's release from prison.

But I can't support Manning's entrance into politics-- for more than one reason. First of all, she is advocating "universal basic income". I asked her whether the money to be distributed will be stolen through "taxation" or be counterfeited and she didn't respond. (I did get one response from a guy who posted that I was "too stupid to understand taxation".)

But, anyway, it appears Manning is just another statist. Happy to use the state to violate individual rights, as long as she doesn't feel it is her rights being violated at the moment.

Nope. My support ends here. Sorry, Chelsea, you've stabbed an awful lot of your supporters in the back with this move.

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  1. We should make a Manning Day and Snowden Day to praise them and celebrate what they did.

    Then they should be taken out back and shot because they are criminals who hire the state-cult to violate people.

  2. I wouldn't vote for her for public office.

    On the other hand, I am glad she's running.

    The things she is a standard progressive or partisan Democrat on, her primary opponent presumably is just as bad on.

    What the race will be ABOUT is her as a transparency/anti-war-crime American heroine versus him as a standard issue authoritarian all around.

    And make no mistake about it, if it looks like there's any chance that she might beat him, the Democratic National Committee will pull out all stops to beat her.

    For that reason, it is GOOD that she's a standard issue progressive/partisan Democrat on all the issues EXCEPT transparency and war crimes. It will highlight the fact that the Democratic Party establishment won't back someone who's right on those issues, even if she is otherwise completely in line with their agenda.

    "She's on our side, except she's against secrecy and murder and we just can't have THAT" will effectively be the DNC message.