Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hans-Herman is lying

"Real libertarians – in contrast to left-libertarian fakes – must study and take account of real people and real human history in order to design a libertarian strategy of social change, and even the most cursory study in this regard – indeed, little more than common sense – yields results completely opposite from those proposed by libertarian fakes." ~ Hans-Herman Hoppe
Sorry Hans, but if you are advocating something which violates the ZAP, you are not a "real libertarian" by definition no matter what sort of name calling you engage in. No matter what you believe your "study" has shown you. If your advocated violation hinges on allowing (employees of) the State to violate the ZAP then you are lying and advocating statism. 

Your dishonest use of the term "left" is very telling in this regard-- because by this you seem to be hinting you are a "right libertarian", while libertarians are neither.

It has nothing to do with a "strategy" or "social change"-- those things are a distant third to ethics and principles if you are libertarian. 

If you don't strenuously follow the ZAP, and if you support the State, then just be honest about it and stop soiling the name "libertarian" by association. It doesn't matter to me how famous you may be, or how many followers hang on your every word which they believe gives credence to their anti-liberty bigotry-- if you are claiming your position is "libertarian" you are lying. You, Mr. Hoppe, are the fake "libertarian".

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  1. Just kill everyone, ..then you don't need to bother with such arguments. Someone needs to blow up the sun so everything freezes, burns, or has orbital/gravity issues, everything dies.

    Human problem solved.

  2. only need to weed out the psychotic children like ^^^^^^^^

  3. I've been slowly gathering info and reading followers of Hoppe and am glad to see that you've come to the same conclusion I've been arriving at. His followers seem to be white supremacists who wrap their bigotry in "Western Culture" rather than conservative "Americanism" in an attempt to hide their racial bigotry and call themselves "alt-libertarians" rather than "Racists." Good article Kent.

    1. On G+ I was told this was "rude" and "stupid". So thank you.