Thursday, March 29, 2018

A cheap way to help

I've mentioned that I'm now also posting on Medium. Here's a little more of how (I think) that works.

For $5 per month you get access to everything I post there (which includes things I don't post here) as well as everything everyone else posts on Medium. All for that $5 per month. It seems like kind of a good deal.

Now, I think that in order for me to make any money off the deal you have to read my posts and also "clap" for my posts (which you can apparently do as many times per post as you want-- but I'm not really sure).
You can also be a "fan" and/or follow me on there, and maybe that also figures into how much I get paid.

It's a pretty affordable way to reward writers you like. The site leans "left statist", but you can help promote those of us who don't.

I do know that for the past month I got $14.86 from Medium, and every little bit helps.



  1. I've discovered that you can "clap" a max of 50 times per article - by trying to clap as hard as I could for one of your recent articles.

    1. I actually just discovered that, too, by seeing how many times it would allow me to clap for one of my friends' articles.